The reason why Takefusa Kubo was able to avoid injury in the first transfer team The awesomeness that his teacher saw in dealing with “dangerous tackle” | Football ZONE WEB / Football Zone WEB

Japan national team MF Takefusa Kubo, who transferred to Getafe, Spain for a limited time[Photo: Getty Images]

Pro trainer Kiba testified, “Situation judgment, body reaction, and responsiveness have been sharpened.”

Japan national team MF Takefusa Kubo, who transferred to Getafe in the first division of Spain for a limited time, made his debut in the new world in the match against Elche (3-1) in the 18th section of La Liga on the 11th local time, and turned around with two goals. Contributed to victory. Katsumi Koba (CORE Training STUDIO), a professional trainer who has been studying under Kubo since the age of 11, pays attention to the scene where he received a tackle from behind in the 37th minute of the second half and won a free kick. It testifies to the three awesomeness that emerged from the dialogue with Kubo after the match.

“I didn’t participate in the practice and suddenly got involved in 2 goals. Moreover, the play was sharp on the turn etc. I think it was a performance that won the trust at once immediately after the transfer to the new world.”

Mr. Kiba, who said he watched the game against Elche on TV, squinted at the success of his beloved disciple who left an impact while he was in the middle of the actual performance from the 19th minute of the second half.

In the latter half of the 37th minute, the professional trainer who teaches core training was most interested in the J-League era and when he returned to Japan. The opponent midfielder Emiliano Rigoni received a hard tackle from behind, and his right foot was scooped up and he fell into the pitch. Rigoni was presented with a yellow card. Mr. Kiba said, “Sliding from behind was a really dangerous play. The opponent’s player had a yellow card, but he came to shave in the true sense. If Kubo’s ankle remained, he would sprain. It was a scene where the worst fracture was possible. “

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Mr. Kiba, who was concerned about the condition of his students, said that he confirmed the condition of his ankles after the match.

“It looked okay. It was a foul from behind, but he knew he was coming. It seems that he flew lightly and there was no problem. He instantly sensed the play from behind and avoided injury. It’s wonderful. It’s calm. I think there weren’t many scenes that made me feel lack of sense of the game. It is proof that it is

Crisis detection ability to detect dangerous play that can lead to serious injury. Mr. Kiba highly evaluated the three abilities of his beloved disciples that he showed in the new world debut match.

Katsumi Koba
Representative of KOBA-style core balance training association. Operates “CORE Training STUDIO” in Tokyo, focusing on core training (KOBA training). Acupuncturist, Judo rehabilitation teacher. After working as FC Tokyo head trainer (1995-02), became independent. Exclusive trainer for top athletes such as Takefusa Kubo and Takuhiro Nakai.

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