The reason why Ochoa does not want to continue with America, Baños is to blame

Guillermo Ochoa and Santiago Banos
June 12, 2022 3:52 p.m. –

Guillermo Ochoa has less than six months left with his contract with Club América, the Mexican goalkeeper does not think about anything else but the World Cup at the end of the year and for now his renewal would not be something that will keep him up at night.

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Ochoa is seriously thinking about not renewing with America and would let his contract expire in order to be released and make the decision for himself where to play next year, if it is in Europe or if he would go to MLS to earn dollars.

The main culprit that Ochoa did not sign a renewal with América would be Santiago Baños because Memo was promised a competitive team and that he would win titles, which has not been the case since his arrival and he would seek to leave the club to have different challenges in his career.

Ochoa has been nowhere near glory with America.

What does not make Memo happy either are the two finals he has lost since he returned to Mexico, both against Rayados de Monterrey, as he hoped that by this point in his contract he would already have at least a couple of medals hanging around his neck.

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