The reason for the failure in Action became known


The reason for the failure in Action is named

The application malfunctioned – the Diya development team associate this with the strengthening of quarantine in Ukraine.

The Diya application and portal crashed due to the transition of regions to the red quarantine zone. About this with reference to the team of Дії informs RBK-Ukraine on Wednesday, October 20.

“In connection with the deterioration of the situation and the transition of five regions to the red zone, the load on the registries has increased, as a result, the services in the application may work slowly. Including COVID certificates. stated in the application team.

In particular, this may be due to the fact that the rate of vaccination in the red quarantine zone has increased. People began enrolling in en masse for vaccinations in order to receive a vaccination certificate as a result, exempting from most quarantine restrictions.

“Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Industry are working at all airports in Ukraine, who will help in resolving issues regarding COVID certificates,” they added to Diyi.

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of Digital Science announced services for veterans price Dii |… The Ministry of Digital Industry and the Ministry of Veterans are working on the launch of new services, scheduled for 2022.

It was also reported that through Diya they will allow issue pensions and subsidies… The application will be able to request help for low-income families or the provision of social services.

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