The reason behind the delay in the announcement of the Tigris defender joining Al-Ahly

Although Al-Ahly club reached an agreement with the Tigris management to restore Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the team’s defender, starting from the new season, the deal was delayed for some time, which was explained by an informed source inside the Al-Ahly club.

To find out the reason behind the delay in the announcement of the Tigris defender joining Al-Ahly from here

Al-Ahly agreed with the Tigris Valley to include Beckham in exchange for 12 million pounds, in addition to loaning 2 young Al-Ahly players to the Daglawi team..

Al-Ahly offered the Tigris to borrow two of the trio Muhammad Fakhry, Arabi Badr and Muhammad Shukry, while the Tigris is still discussing his needs before determining the players chosen from Al-Ahly.

Tigris officials had refused to include Senegalese Aliou Badji in the sale of Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, and officials of the Red Team offered to loan Badge to Tigris for a season after agreeing to enter players from Al-Ahly into the deal, but the surprise was that Tigris wanted to borrow 2 young players, announcing their refusal to join I want to have a technical reservation on his performance.

Al-Ahly administration wants to loan Badji because Musimani, the technical director of the team, is not convinced of his capabilities on the one hand, and to make way for a contract with a super foreign striker on the other hand, and Al-Ahly finds it difficult to market Senegalese Aliou Badji outside Egypt due to the closure of the registration door in most of the world tournaments during the current period.

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