The Real Intentions of Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic Shines as the True Tennis Icon

The Real Intentions of Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic Shines as the True Tennis Icon

While the sixth edition of the Laver Cup has just ended with the clear victory of Team World, journalist Benoît Maylin, in his show, Without Netdevoted to tennis on Winamax, questioned the real intentions of Roger Federer, founder of this team competition.

According to him, Novak Djokovic, who has often had a negative image compared to the Swiss, would in reality be the most appreciable player.

“The older I get, the more I start to ask myself questions about the image I have of Federer and the image I had of Djokovic. And the more we move forward in time, the more I realize that Djokovic is the clean man of tennis. It’s him who created the PTPA, who tries to ensure that as much money as possible is redistributed, even on the secondary circuit, whereas for Federer, I’m starting to be a little afraid of the megalomaniac side of the guy who has when even created a competition, which is not in his name, but it is still his thing. And it’s only for the stars, it’s not for the little players. Again, why didn’t he put this together at the end of the year? Why did he want to edit this in the middle of the season to fuck up because, honestly, this story is fucking up. Look at Metz (the ATP 250), they were forced to move it otherwise the tournament was dead. And you realize that little by little they are going to make this week of the Laver Cup empty. Once again, if it evolves, it’s because it’s Federer who wants it. Look at Federer in 2019, when he goes to do his exhibition with Zverev in Latin America, he does this at the same time as Davis Cup week. He shits on the Davis Cup by doing this anyway. »

2023-09-25 22:44:23
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