the real growth of Irina Pegova will make you gasp

To appear taller in the frame, the artist uses a little trick.

Irina Pegova proved by her example that a woman can be successful, even if she cannot boast of model appearance and high growth. Many fans of the actress do not even realize that she can be safely called Thumbelina.

It turned out that the height of the screen star is only 155 cm. At the same time, Pegova does not like to wear heels in order to appear taller, and in ordinary life she prefers flat shoes. But on a celebrity set, you still have to do one trick.

For example, when the star worked on the series “Special Purpose Girlfriend”, she had to flaunt high heels in the frame. Because the actress can’t walk in heels, she broke three pairs of expensive Italian shoes.

In any case, the artist does not consider his height, whereby everyone has an overview of the decollete area, a disadvantage. On the contrary, she rejoices that, unlike many, she is better off sleeping in her car.

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