The rarest Enigma black diamond is on public display for the first time (video)

Enigma will be the largest cut diamond of any kind presented at auction. In the auction house Sotheby’s in the UAE, they hope to receive at least $5 million for it, including cryptocurrency.

The unique 555.55-carat black Enigma faceted diamond is presented to the world for the first time in Dubai on January 17th. Soon they plan to put it up for auction, where they can sell for $ 5 million, says in the account of the auction house Sotheby’s.

According to experts, it was formed when a meteorite or asteroid fell to Earth 2.6 – 3.8 billion years ago. The stone contains traces of nitrogen and hydrogen found in space, as well as osbornite, a mineral unique to meteors.

The diamond was purchased rough in the 1990s by its current owner, who cut it into its current shape, inspired by the palm-shaped Middle Eastern symbol of strength and protection, the Hamsa. It will be the largest cut diamond of any kind presented at auction.

After showing in Dubai, Enigma will travel to Los Angeles (January 24-26) and London (February 2-9) before a seven-day online auction begins on February 3.

“We are honored that Dubai has been chosen as the first stop for this exceptional rarity and we are thrilled to play a part in its journey that began so many millions of years ago.” stated head of the Sotheby’s auction house in the UAE Katya Nunou Buiz.

Enigma diamond weight – 555.55 carats

Black diamonds, or carbonados, are microcrystalline diamonds with a random crystallographic orientation. These stones appear dark, opaque, porous and often have a subtle sheen. They were first recognized as a type of diamond in 1841 by Portuguese prospectors in Brazil, who named them “carbonado” because they look like tiny pieces of charcoal.

According to Sotheby’s Dubai Jewelery Specialist Sophie Stevens, black diamonds are “exceptionally old”:

“White diamonds and other colored diamonds are usually found in kimberlite rock and they float to the surface of the Earth as a result of a volcanic eruption. Whereas black carbonado diamonds are found in sedimentary alluvial deposits, which means that they are carried away by water, for example, by streams. They can be found very close to the surface of the Earth, if not on it.”

She suggests that the Enigma stone likely formed after an asteroid hit Earth and caused the chemical vapor deposition that formed these diamonds.

It is also one of the most difficult substances to cut, but experts have managed to turn it into a gem with 55 facets.

Stevens does not rule out that a unique stone can go under the hammer not only for real money, but also for cryptocurrency. She stressed that this is the first time the proposal has been made in the UAE and “is in line with the government’s own commitment to explore new digital, technological and scientific advances.”

Recall that at the jewelry exhibition in Dubai Tiffany & Co presented the most expensive necklace in the history of the brand called World’s Fair. According to industry experts, its cost is from $20 to $30 million.


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