The ranking of the richest families in the world: Italian surprise

The Ferreros are also on the list of the richest industrial dynasties in the world: the international press agency Bloomberg recently published the 2020 ranking of billionaire families which ranks first the Waltons, founders of the American supermarket chain Walmart.

The ranking of the richest families in the world: Italy is with the Ferreros

Among the wealthiest groups are the Ferreros are also on the rise in 22nd place, owners of many successful brands in the confectionery sector, including the timeless Nutella.

With a wealth of 30.5 billion dollarsi, the Italian family is presented as follows in the list drawn up by the press agency specializing in economics and finance: “Michele Ferrero has created a global chocolate pastry company from a single shop in the small Italian city of Alba. His son Giovanni took over the exclusive leadership of the family business after his brother Pietro died in a bicycle accident in 2011. Ferrero acquired the U.S. Nestle candy business for $ 2.8 billion in 2018. “

And as with every position in this particular ranking, Bloomberg dedicates to the Piedmontese family a curiosity: “Giovanni Ferrero is also a novelist, author of” The Light Hunter “, published in 2016.”

On top of all the other 25 families on the list it stands out with a patrimony of 215 billion the American group Walton founders and owners of the Walmart chain of stores. “Walmart is the largest retailer, with sales of $ 524 billion from over 11,000 stores worldwide. The Walton family owns about half of the chain of stores, a stake which forms the basis of the world‘s greatest fortune, “says Bloomberg’s description.

Returning to the confectionery sector, in second place is the Mars family, owners of the Mars and M & Ms confectionery brands, with 126 billion dollars. “Frank Mars has learned to dip chocolate by hand like a schoolboy – writes Bloomberg. The business he initiated is best known for the M & Ms, Milky Way and Mars bars, although pet care products account for about half of the company’s revenue for over $ 38 billion. “

In third place another American family, that of the Kochs. The 109.7 billion dollars of their assets this time, however, comes from multiple sectors, including the energy production and oil refining. “The Frederick brothers, Charles, David and William inherited Father Fred’s oil company. A fraternal feud over control – says Bloomberg – of the company in the early 1980s led Federico and William to leave the family business while Charles and David stayed. It has since become Koch Industries, a conglomerate with annual sales of approximately $ 115 billion. “

You have to get to the bottom of the podium to get out of the United States, where we find a family that represents not only an economic power. With $ 95 billion, the family of the current king of Saudi Arabia Salman Al Saud ranks fourth: “The 88-year-old monarchy from which Saudi Arabia gets its name can credit unrivaled oil reserves,” the media agency said, explaining that “this estimate of net worth is based on cumulative payments received by members of the royal family over the past 50 years.” years since Royal Diwan the king’s executive office. “

“The total wealth controlled by its 15,000 members is estimated to be much higher – specifies Bloomberg. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, son of the seventh Saudi monarch, King Salman, personally controls assets worth more than a billion dollars. “

The ranking of the richest families in the world: the Top10

Here are all the others classified among the top ten on the Bloomberg list on the world‘s billionaire families:

  1. Walton: $ 215 billion
  2. Mars: $ 120 billion
  3. Koch: 109.7 billion dollars
  4. Al Saud: $ 95 billion
  5. Ambani: $ 81.3 billion
  6. Hermes :: 63.9 billion dollars
  7. Wertheimer: $ 54.4 billion
  8. Johnson (Fidelity): $ 46.3 billion
  9. Boehringer, Von Baumbach: 45.7 miliardi di dollari
  10. Albrecht: $ 41 billion
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