the ranking for the 12 zodiac signs

Your Rai2 during the special of I Fatti Vostri dedicated to the horoscope, the Paolo Fox’s predictions for 2021. Giancarlo Magalli leaves room for the most famous television astrologer with his predictions for all twelve zodiac signs translated into graphs. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will find out how the new year will go in love, work and luck with the graphs that will anticipate the trend of the next year month by month.


Aries will immediately find confidence again. January will be subdued when it comes to love. February, March and April will be important months. 2021 will be a year of breakouts, the Aries will find fundamental news in front of them.


The Taurus will have a year that will force them to think a lot. If there’s a sentimental or work crisis going on, February won’t be a lucky month. We will have to wait for the central months, May and June in particular. This will be a preparatory year for 2022, more fortunate.


The Gemini will have a lucky 2021, which will start with a slightly low January and then recover. What begins or ends next year will be favorable. Spring will bring particular successes. Any choice must be made within the first 4 months of the year or at the end.


2021 for cancer will be “without added Saturn”. Cancers will shed the burdens they have accumulated over the last year and a half which is particularly tiring. Summer will bring success thanks to Jupiter in excellent aspect. Small fortunes coming in April.


Leos may have gotten angry at some infidelity. For some time there have been Jupiter and Saturn in opposition, we must be careful with the paths and accounts. Spring will bring advice and June will be an important month for making new choices. Particularly low February, at the beginning of the year it will be useful to close certain routes.


Virgo’s 2021 will consolidate the successes already achieved in 2020. Spring will be a source of some doubts. Love will be low with some recovery.

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Libra of 2021 will make up for lost time. From 10 February there will be a concentration of major planets. Good news between February and March, spring is the best season to get back in the game. In May, love can undergo a small crisis, reborn from the end of the year.


2021 will be disorienting at first. Attention to legal and economic issues. Do not provoke dissension and proceed with lead feet. The end of the year is important because October, November and December are months of recovery. Pay attention to expenses in the first months of the year, more chaotic.


Living without novelty is absurd for Sagittarius. In 2021 we start again, Jupiter and Saturn are in favor. Spring will bring great and good wishes. April is an interesting month for love. March will be interesting for work.


Capricorns closed 2020 with a few less resources and a few more ideas. In 2021, what went wrong last year will need to be recovered. The spring / summer season is in your favor. Heaven warns regarding expenses. December will help to recover.


Aquarius will be the leading sign of 2021. Attention because the economic resources are not many, February will be important for love and relationships. The first part of 2021 will bring Aquarians the desire to change their life or work. Those born of this sign will have a peak in luck in late August.


For Pisces the year will start badly from the point of view of love. March and April will be important months, from June Jupiter will enter the sign and will be a month of important references. 2021 will be preparatory for 2022 which will be a very lucky year.


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