The “Ramadan Recipes” guide’s fourth edition is released by Brand Dubai.

  • Brand Dubai launches the fourth edition of the guide
  • Brand Dubai launches the fourth edition of the guide

DUBAI, 23rd March, 2020 (WAM) — Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai Government Media Office, launched, coinciding with the start of the blessed month of Ramadan, the fourth edition of the Ramadan Recipes Guide, as part of the initiative to support entrepreneurs who are members of the “With Proud of Dubai” initiative. In partnership with a group of famous chefs and the most prominent restaurants and cafes, to present 30 recipes of Ramadan dishes over a period of 30 days.

The initiative sheds light on the success stories of small and medium-sized companies founded by entrepreneurs who made their way to the world of excellence from Dubai, and enhances their confidence in the city with the opportunities it offers them and the broad horizons it opens before them for success in various fields.
The guide sheds light on the diversity of the food and culinary scene and the unique cultural mix in Dubai and highlights its position as an incubator for creative talents in various fields. To its pioneers, in the framework of highlighting the cooking and cooking skills and preparing food recipes for elite chefs, promoting these restaurants and cafes, and introducing them to the distinguished dishes they serve, inspired by various cuisines from around the world, with an oriental touch that suits different tastes and ages.
Fatima Al Mulla, creative project executives at Brand Dubai, said: “We are looking forward to launching another new version of the Ramadan Recipe Guide, which has been expanded to include recipes for some of the best and most famous chefs, as well as a group of the most prominent restaurants and cafes in the Dubai community as part of the initiative to support entrepreneurs. Members of “Proudly from Dubai” within the framework of our continuous support for entrepreneurs and introducing their projects and successful experiences that were launched from Dubai to achieve their aspirations of success and growth, and to encourage them to enter the labor market and provide them with support and assistance.

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Al Mulla added: “The Ramadan Recipes Guide, launched by Brand Dubai as an annual initiative, seeks to highlight the creativity and culinary talent of some of the most famous and skilled chefs in Dubai, to introduce the public to their creativity in the field of cooking. In addition to our aim of highlighting the passion of the community Dubai with excellence and new and unconventional ideas in the field of cooking, this initiative aims to encourage and support various talents and entrepreneurs to contribute to enriching the diverse and dynamic food scene in Dubai.
She pointed out that the guide not only provides delicious and traditional recipes for breakfast and suhoor meals, but also celebrates the diversity of the culinary scene in Dubai and the unique cultural mix that characterizes the city, in addition to its leading position as a center and incubator for creative talents in all fields.
Al-Mulla said, “Many of the food recipes included in the guide this year are unique and diverse, as they mix some traditional foods with recipes from the most famous international cuisines, specially prepared for food and taste lovers. The guide provides detailed steps for preparing food recipes and preparing delicious dishes suitable for all family members, including appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts, juices and Suhoor meals. This year, the guide will also feature healthy, gluten-free and vegan recipes. To appeal to a wide range of tastes, the recipes will be inspired by a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Emirati, American, Italian, Mexican and Scandinavian cuisines and dishes.
For their part, entrepreneurs, chefs and owners of restaurants and cafes expressed their happiness to participate in the fourth edition of the Ramadan Recipes Program, stressing their appreciation for Brand Dubai’s support for the entrepreneurs who are members of “Proudly from Dubai”.

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Many of the recipes included in the new guide were developed by famous chefs who started their creative journey from Dubai and launched their own restaurants, as these chefs have a large following on social media, and some of them even received a Michelin star for their distinguished dishes.

Among the chefs representing different nationalities: Chef Izo Ani, Emirati twins Abdulrahman, Maitha Al Hashemi, Chef Sumaya Obaid, Chef Karim Burji, Chef Shaheen, Chef Saud Al Matrooshi, Chef Maitha Al Warsho, Chef Amna Al Hashemi, Chef Mohammed Al Banna and Chef Arwa Lootah.
As for the restaurants participating in the initiative, they include “Terra Vitri”, “TBK”, “Fat Uncle”, “Bread Basket”, “Maria Bonita”, “Kona House Coffee”, “Honestry”, “Bajiri Forum” and Mazme Café. and “Mary’s House”.
It is noteworthy that the “With Proud of Dubai” initiative is one of the “Brand Dubai” initiatives that aim to support entrepreneurs and companies based in the emirate. It aims to shed light on the success stories of entrepreneurs, talents, innovations and creators in various fields and sectors in the emirate, as well as encouraging emerging entrepreneurial projects to enter the labor market, providing assistance and support, and connecting them to the largest segment of the public, which in turn is looking for excellence and good and unconventional ideas. to interact with it.
The public can learn about Ramadan recipes through the following link:

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