The Rafettes go to reveal

The first big test on paper was Marseille. A deadline passed without a hitch and with the trifle of five goals scored. Five goals also scored against Mérignac at home last Sunday. But now it’s time for the second big test. This afternoon at 3 p.m., the Rafettes face Yzeure, currently third and remaining on four consecutive victories.

“You just have to look at the standings. They are not there by chance, thinks Mathieu Rufié, the Raf women’s coach. Yzeure has still not lost and remains on four wins in a row. They are a very good team defensively and very aggressive when it comes to pressing. The Yzeuriennes are used to sanctioning their opponents at the slightest mistake. It’s a very killer team. We will have to be much more precise, much more reactive and much more effective collectively than against Mérignac to hope to win “, testifies the Ruthenian coach.

“The slightest drop in concentration will pay off in cash”

After conceding the draw on the inaugural day at home against Montauban (2-2), the Bourbonnaises have therefore investigated the victories. What to position itself as an outsider. On the infirmary side, Mathieu Rufié will only have to do without Grocq. It is absent as a precaution for muscle pain. This is the only package in the blood and gold group. “The entire workforce is on the bridge. We will have to be a team at all times, in managing emotions. We will have to be aggressive whether we are with or without the ball. concentration will pay cash. This opposition will be a real challenge. We play to participate in meetings of this style “, loose the ambitious coach and determined to continue the perfect series.

The mind could prove to be the key to this meeting. The main enemy of the Ruthenians seems to be themselves. In the sense that, at 100% of their capacity, they are for the moment unplayable for their competitors as the danger seems to come from everywhere. Champagnac, Lamontagne and their teammates will have to prove it once again to continue the great adventure.

The group of Ruthenians: Libourel, Garcia, Riquelme, Bogi, Cauderlier, Canon, Guellati, Pau, Cance, Saltel, Saunier, Champagnac, Altunkulak, Lamontagne, Diop, Debaux.

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