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The radar between Dunkirk and Lille is the 3rd radar in France to have flashed the most in 2019

The list of radars that flashed the most in 2019 in France was published on Monday by the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety (Onisr) in the latest report on violations of the Highway Code and the Transport Code.

The radar that flashed the most in 2019 is in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the A8 between Nice and Cannes. It flashed 205,510 times in 2019 against 115,558 in 2018. This increase is explained by the passage of the road from 110 km / h to 90 km / h on October 1, 2018, specifies l’Union. This radar has also undergone several degradations (black / corrupted photos therefore impossible to identify the flashed vehicles) between October 2018 and until 2019.

The A35 radar between Colmar and Strasbourg flashed 161725. While the radar located along the A25 between Dunkirk and Lille flashed 161,233 flashes. A figure to be put into perspective in view of the number of annual daily traffic. Indeed, on this road, there are “only” 16,574 passages per day, against 61,000 on the Nice-Cannes axis and 35,700 on the Colmar-Strasbourg axis. In addition, unlike the first two in the ranking, the speed is limited to 130 km on the A25 between Dunkirk and Lille against 90 between Nice and Cannes and 70 km between Colmar and Strasbourg.

The other eight radars in this top 10 are located between Paris and Chartres (129,142 flashes), Paris and Chartres (107,554 flashes), Chamonix and Macon (106,257 flashes), Province and Paris (96,701 flashes), Metz and Toul (94,045 flashes), Marseille and Menton (90,065 flashes) and Nîmes and Béziers (87,791 flashes).

Speeding tickets represent 71.5% of the total volume of tickets

In 2019, the number of speeding offenses amounted to 12,953,081, i.e. 12,952,937 tickets (71.5% of the total volume of tickets), 144 offenses for repeated speeding offenses of at least 50 km / h. In 2019, 12,164,480 speeding violations were detected by the CA system (fixed and mobile speed cameras). These offenses decreased by – 10.9%. This reduction concerns all speed bands, it is linked to the destruction or obstruction of a large part of the radars in November and December 2018; at the start of 2019 a number of radars had not yet been repaired. In the end, only 63.3% of fixed speed cameras could be used.

It should be noted that among the 12.5 million tickets sent in 2019 – a figure down – 10.8% compared to 2018 (14.07 million) – 2.5 million (- 1.2% by compared to 2018) are sent abroad, thanks to the establishment of information exchanges between countries: in 2015 (Spain, Romania and Poland), in 2016 (Italy, Austria and extension of exchanges with Luxembourg), in 2017 (Hungary, the Czech Republic , Slovakia and Portugal), in 2018 (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and in 2019 (Sweden and Ireland) bringing the number of partner countries to 20.

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