The queen gives everyone the same Christmas present. He goes to the supermarket for them

The Queen Elizabeth II. it is famous for its adherence to traditions. And it’s not the same with the Christmas ones. All her staff will receive the same Christmas present as every year. The British ruler has them bought in Tesk.

In addition to her loved ones, Queen Elizabeth II does not forget. on holidays or to its employees. They can look forward to the same gift every year. He will always unwrap the Christmas pudding under the tree, the portal pointed out The Sun.

Elizabeth has about 1,500 packages of sweet delicacies to buy in a regular supermarket. One chilled dessert costs six pounds, roughly 180 crowns. The donation of the staff to the queen costs more than 270,000 crowns.

“All staff will receive a Christmas present from the Queen. Her Majesty will give the gifts to some of them in person at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.” the royal family announced on its website.

After unpacking the package, the staff will find not only pudding, but also a Christmas card signed by the queen. The tradition was introduced by her grandfather King George V. Last year, Elizabeth had to interrupt her due to a coronavirus pandemic with a heavy heart, but this year she did not let her marry her.

“For those who do not meet the Queen in person, they will hand over the puddings to their superiors, come to them by mail, or be delivered by the Buckingham Palace police.” it is also stated in the family statement.

Queen Elizabeth was plagued by health problems. More in the TV Nova report:



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