The quarrel in Weddings: I said things that made me sad, Štěpánka admitted

Štěpánka and Pavel deal with the same way as other couples, with the proviso that they are on television and people get to know them. “Seeing yourself on the screen is beautiful if you know it’s good and people have something to look at,” Pavel said with a smile on his face. “Štěpánka is afraid of how she looks there, he added.

At the same time, they both commented on conflict, which viewers will see on the screens today. In the sixth part, the couple quarrels over cleaning. “I’m a terrible fool to clean up, I’m really a pedant,” Štěpánka explained. “It will be very acute. I said things that made me sad,” she added sadly. “Štěpánka is not far from a foul word,” comments Pavel.

It is not so easy to behave naturally in front of the camera. Nevertheless, this pair of cameras did not affect much. “The cameras were there with us, they were our ghosts,” Pavel laughed. “We got used to it very quickly and then we didn’t notice the cameras anymore,” they agreed with Štěpánka.

From the beginning, the couple sat down with their temperamental nature and sense of humor. They also revealed what they like to wear. “Štěpánka can always get everything out of me. She is full of wildness, the softness is hidden in her,” Pavel said with love in his eyes. “Pája is emotionally based, she feels like that and I appreciate that about him,” the bride smirked.

How will their first big quarrel in front of the cameras turn out? Will he reconcile now, or will there be a quiet household? Watch the TV show on Wednesday at 20:20 Wedding at a glance. If you missed the last episode, you can take a look at Nova Plus or Voyo.

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