The quarrel ended in misfortune. The young man should have tried to kill the older man

On Friday afternoon, a woman called the police, according to whom there was probably a violent crime in Kožlany in the Pilsen region. Therefore, the police and the rescuers immediately went to the scene. In one cottage, they found a 47-year-old man with a seriously injured head.

Rescuers treated him and he was later transported by helicopter to a hospital in Pilsen. Police in the meantime caught the attacker near the cottage. “They conducted an orientation breath test with a result of 0.5 per mille of alcohol. The attack inside the cottage seems to have been preceded by verbal disputes between the two men,” said police spokeswoman Martina Korandová.

They secured clues on the spot, as well as an object that a 24-year-old boy was supposed to attack an older man. Korandová did not specify what the subject was. The case was taken over by criminal investigators and prosecuted for attempted murder. They also filed a motion to take the man into custody.

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