the qualified for the 5th round!

The 4th round of the Coupe de France took place this weekend. Find all the teams of N2 and N3 eliminated but also all the teams of these two divisions still competing by regional group.

The magic of the Coupe de France operated again this weekend. Some outsiders have achieved the feat of leaving a federal team playing up to four divisions above. This is particularly the case of AS Romagnat, Departmental 1 club which offered itself the scalp of Montluçon (N3) by winning 2-0 at home. Fifty-two National 2 clubs entered the competition (12 N2 teams being professional reserves). And there are already nine who will not see the 5th round which will mark the entry into the running of the 18 National clubs. Some matches could not be played due to weather conditions.

National 2 clubs eliminated

Paris 13 Atletico by AC Houilles (R2)
EFC Fréjus St Raphaël by ES Fos (R1)
Marignane Gignac FC by SMUC (R1)
FC Versailles 78 by FC Le Plessis-Robinson (R1)
AS Poissy by St Brice FC (R1)
US Granville par FC Flers (R1)
C’Chartres Football by AS Montlouis (N3)
Hyères FC by ES Cannet-Rocheville (N3)
Blois Foot 41 by Amilly J3S (N3)

After 17 N3 teams left in the 3rd round, this time around 21 clubs are leaving the competition. There are only 90 left for the 5th round (not counting the teams whose match has been postponed).

National 3 clubs eliminated

Montluçon Football released by AS Romagnat (D1)
SC Balma released by AS Fleurance La Sauvetat (R2)
Hauts-Lyonnais released by Aubenas ASSAF (R2)
CFF Racing released by Mitry Mory Football (R2)
FCM Aubervilliers released by CO Vincennes (R1)
RCO Agde released by La Clermontaise (R1)
FC Grandvillars released by AS Audincourt (R1)
AS Cherbourg released by AS Tourlaville (R1)
Chambéry SF released by Chassieu Décines FC (R1)
Istres FC released by AS Maximoise (R1)
FC Rousset SVO released by FC St Zacharie (R1)
US Mandelieu released Berre SC (R1)
Pontivy GSI by OC valves (N2)
Eliminated by another National 3 club: US Chauvigny, Chateauneuf sur Loire, Besançon Foot, FC Dieppe, TA Rennes, Ain Sud, IC Croix Football, OFC Les Mureaux

N2 and N3 clubs qualified for the 5th round

New Aquitaine

Angoulême Charente FC (N2)
Trélissac FC (N2)
Stade Montois (N2)
US Lège Cap Ferret (N3)
SO Châtellerault (N3)
Anglet Genets Foot (N3)
Bordeaux Stadium (N3)
CA Neuville (N3)
Poitevin FC Stadium (N3)
FC Bressuire (N3)
UA Cognac Foot (N3)
Rowing Bayonnais FC (N3)

NO PLAY: SA Sanilhacois (D1) – Bergerac Périgord FC (N2) / FC Faux (D1) – FC Libourne (N3)

Pays de la Loire

Châteaubriant Voltigeurs (N2)
Saumur OFC (N3)
FC Sablé S / Sarthe (N3)
Le Poiré-sur-Vie VF (N3)
FC Challans (N3)
Fontenay Le Comte VF (N3)
AS La Chataigneraie (N3)
Saint-Philbert GD Lieu (N3)
La Roche VF (N3)
US Changed (N3)

NON-PLAY: Vendée Les Herbiers (N2) – Pouzauges Bocage FC (N3)

Center-Loire Valley

SO Romorantin (N2)
Saint-Pryvé Saint-Hilaire FC (N2)
Bourges Foot (N2)
Bourges 18 (N2)
Amilly J3S (N3)
Oats Olympique Chinon (N3)
FC Vierzon (N3)
AS Montlouis (N3)
FC Deols (N3)
USM Montargis (N3)
Tours FC (N3)


ASM Belfort (N2)
AS Louhans Cuiseaux FC (N2)
Jura Sud Foot (N2)
Saint-Apollinaire AS (N3)
Racing Besançon (N3)
CA Pontarlier (N3)
FC Morteau Montlebon (N3)
FC Gueugnon (N3)
FC Paron (N3)
FC Valdahon Vercel (N3)
Jura Dolois (N3)

NON-PLAY: IS Accordinggey (N3) – FC Montceau Bourgogne (N3)


GFC Ajaccio (N2)
AS Furiani Agliani (N3): Construction works, buildings
USC Court (N3)

Current: AS Pieve di Lota (R2) – Gallia Club Lucciana (N3)

Great East

CS Sedan Ardennes (N2)
SAS Epinal (N2)
SC Schiltigheim (N2)
FCSR Haguenau (N2)
US Sarre-Union (N3)
ES Thaon (N3)
US Raon L’Etape (N3)
FA Illkirch Graffenstaden (N3)
SR Colmar (N3)
FC Mulhouse (N3)
RC Epernay Champagne (N3)
AS Prix les Mézières (N3)
FC Mulhouse (N3)
FC Saint-Louis Neuweg (N3)
ASC Biesheim (N3)
CSO Amnéville (N3)


Aubagne FC (N2)
RC Grasse (N2)
FC Martigues (N2)
SC Toulon (N2)
FC Côte Bleue (N3)
ES Cannet-Rocheville (N3)
AS Cannes (N3)
Athletico Marseille (N3)


AS Béziers (N2)
Canet Roussillon FC (N2)
OAC Alès (N3)
FU Narbonne (N3)
AS Fabregues (N3)
FC Alberes Argelès (N3)
Beaucaire 30 Stadium (N3)
US Colomiers (N2)
US Castanet (N3)
AS Muret (N3)


Olympic Saint Quentin (N2)
AS Beauvais Oise (N2)
US Vimy (N3)
Amiens AC (N3)
EFC Feignies Aulnoye (N3)
US Maubeuge (N3)
Olympique Marcquois (N3)
Wasquehal Football (N3)
US Chantilly (N3)
US Pays de Saint-Omer (N3)


FC Rouen 1899 (N2)
FC Saint-Lô (N3)
US Alençon (N3)
Romilly PT Saint-Pierre (N3)
SU Dives Cabourg FC (N3)
Evreux FC 27 (N3)
AG Caen (N3)
AF Virois (N3)


Plabennec Stadium (N2)
US St Malo (N2)
OC valves (N2)
AGL Flag Ferns (N3)
Dinan Lehon FC (N3)
AS Glazed (N3)
Saint-Colomban Locminé (N3)
Milizac Saint-Pierre (N3)
ACF Plouzané (N3)
Guipry Messac FC (N3)

Paris ile de France

FC Fleury 91 (N2)
Ste Geneviève Sports (N2)
US Saint-Maur Lusitanos (N2)
FC 93 Bobigny (N2)
Entente SSG (N2)
JA Drancy (N3)
ESA Linas-Montlhéry (N3)
CO Les Ulis (N3)
US Ivry (N3)


AS Saint-Priest (N2)
GFA Rumilly Vallières (N2)
Le Puy Foot 43 Auvergne (N2)
Andrézieux Bouthéon FC (N2)
FC Chamalières (N2)
Moulins Yzeure Foot (N2)
AC SP Moulins Foot (N3)
FC Bourgoin-Jallieu (N3)
FC Limonest St Didier (N3)
Thonon EGG FC (N3)
Velay FC (N3)
FC Aurillac Arpajon (N3)


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