the puzzles of November 14 and 15

Rules of the game: every Saturday and Sunday from 11h to 12h, go “In search of the golden cicada“. A first cicada is hidden in a commune of the region, then a second in a precise place of the municipality in question. Listeners call 04 42 38 08 08 and make their proposals live until they find our golden cicadas!

The “common” enigma of Saturday 14 November

Identify this commune of Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence or Hautes-Alpes:

Across the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Mexico,
from the Hautes-Alpes to northern Italy,
the youngest of the marquis tries to varnish, under the satellite,
the terraces and ramps of the bastide.


Reply : Tourrettes.

Tourrettes is one of the nine hilltop villages of Pays de Fayence, in the East-Var. Bordering Fayence and nicknamed “the open-air museum”, it has nearly 2,900 inhabitants, including many artists and designers.

  • By: Tourrettes has a very famous golf course, that of Terre Blanche. In golf, a par is the theoretical number of strokes set for a hole.
  • The Baltic Sea: Saint Petersburg is located on the shores of this sea. A local figure, Jacques-Alexandre Fabre, lieutenant-colonel of Napoleon 1st, engineer of the bridges and causeways and taken prisoner in Russia is called by the emperor Alexander 1st to build bridges over the Neva, especially in Saint Petersburg. Back in Tourrettes with the rank of general of the Russian army, he had the Château du Puy built.
  • The Gulf of Mexico: a new reference to golf, but also to the Mayan civilization, studied by another Tourrettan: Joseph Marius Alexis Aubin, prospector, archaeologist and palaeographer of the 19th century. A Mayan bas-relief honors his memory on the building of the old town hall.
  • Hautes-Alpes and Northern Italy: two districts or localities of Tourrettes are called “Le Serre Chevalier” and “Lombardie”.
  • The youngest: Jacques-Alexandre Fabre therefore had the Château du Puy built in 1830: a perfect replica of the Saint Petersburg naval school of Cadets.
  • Marquis: In the 17th century, the powerful Pierre de Villeneuve succeeded in having his land of Tourrettes set up as a county, then recovered the inheritance and properties of Antoine de Villeneuve, Marquis de Trans. The marquisate was awarded to him in 1689, making him the “first marquis of France”, because the Villeneuve family were the first to bear this title in 1505.
  • Try: For several months Tourrettes has had the Museum of Arts and Essays, exhibiting the works of many artists including Paul-Maurice Perrier-Morillon.
  • Varnish: the bell tower of the Saint-André church is made up of yellow and blue glazed tiles.
  • Satellite: Tourrettes is nicknamed the open-air museum. Among the works, a door painted in midnight blue where 2 cats stand lit by the moon in front of the Château du Puy.
  • Restanques: Tourrettes has many restanques.
  • Ramps: Tourrettes is a winding hilltop village with sloping alleys and therefore ramps.
  • La Bastide: The Grande Bastide wine estate.
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The enigma “place” of Saturday 14 November

A specific location in Tourrettes is now to be identified thanks to this riddle:

The crystals, arrows, and pearl have been gobbled up by the old medical professional!


Reply : the Dolmen of the Verrerie Vieille.

A dolmen discovered in 1876 by “the health professional”, Doctor Ollivier, doctor in Montauroux, and excavated later in 1929 by a certain Goby (hence the “gobées” of the enigma; “old” referring to the Glassworks Old). Surrounded by a tumulus, it measures 3 meters long and 2 meters wide and is formed of 5 sandstone slabs separated by dry stone walls. The remains of around thirty individuals were found as well as weapons, tools, ceramics and ornaments, including pierced hyalini quartz crystals, foliated arrows with bifacial retouching and a tubular soapstone bead and median bulge.


The Pays de Fayence participates in the virtual Night of Museums

It should have taken place everywhere in Europe this Saturday, November 14, but the Covid-19 and the confinement decided otherwise. However, many museums organize Facebook Lives and live video broadcasts on the internet, including the Maison du Lac in Saint-Cassien. In Tourrettes, she is an artist, Christel Leleu-Ferro, who will present in video his work on the Facebook of the Pays de Fayence Tourist Office.

Anthony Vignadocchio: “Artypical” artist

Awarded in Monaco, Anthony Vignadocchio “is attracted by natural elements and it is therefore logical that old wood, iron and stone are on the menu of his atypical creations”.


The “common” enigma of Sunday November 15

Identify this commune of Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence or Hautes-Alpes:

See you this Sunday at 11am on the France Bleu Provence antenna to discover the next enigma!

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