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Al-Marsad newspaper: A content creator and psychologist on TikTok called Al-Anoud Al-Hamid has revealed signs that if a woman appears in her relationship with a man, she really loves him.

And Al-Hamid said in a clip he shared, via the app, “I got a private question, when do you know a woman really loves you?”

And “Al-Hamid” indicated: “A woman sincerely loves if she is angry with you for the most insignificant reasons, if she argues with you about everything, if she is jealous of you in everything, if your life grieves for you, and weeps for the mother of the one who bore you, know that she is dying on your bears.”

And he added, “If she’s tired, she wants to sleep, she’s sleepy, and she’s asking for you and she’s sleeping on the line, and every minute she’s knocking on you, know that she’s dying for you.”

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