The PSOE affirms that Langreo “can afford” to request a loan for the anticovid fund

“Since I can’t plant a tree that gives money, I don’t know how I can balance the accounts.” The response of the Councilor for the Treasury of Langreo, Patricia Fernández Sanguino, to the criticisms of the PP spokesperson, María Antonia García, is resounding. The popular councilor had indicated that the item destined to the contingency fund to face the derivatives of the pandemic, which is around 400,000 euros, is “insufficient”.

García also accused the local government of “hiding information” from the opposition: “It is not true at all. Like each and every one of the councilors of the Corporation, the PP spokesperson has all the reports, documents and materials available on the City Council’s computer platform, ”said Fernández Sanguino. And he gave more data: “In the Commission last Thursday, I informed the PP spokesperson about all the new items, those that appear this year for the first time in a municipal budget. I answered all your questions on those matters. ” “It seemed incredible to me that a councilor who has been around for as long as her, asked about many items that are common in the Budget,” the socialist mayor stressed.

The budget exceeds 29 million euros. For the PP, the use of municipal savings is also the best option compared to the credit that the City Council will request if the municipal accounts are approved, which amounts to 800,000 euros and includes the item against covid-19. “To accuse, as the PP spokesperson does, to this government team of increasing the indebtedness of all the people of Lander is to show a bad memory. A few months ago, in the ordinary plenary session in November 2020, we approved a debt amortization of 3.1 million euros. We assumed it with money from the remainder, that is, from the collective savings of all the Langreans and that meant canceling debts that other government teams had contracted, not this one, ”said the Langreo Finance Councilor. And he concluded: “That puts the City Council in a financial situation in which this new loan can be allowed.”

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