The protest of yachtsmen is staged at the Magna Graecia Film Festival

Unscheduled during the first evening of the Magna Graecia Film Festival which kicked off this evening in the Porto area in the Lido di Catanzaro district.

A group of boaters, while the introductory segment of the previous evening was in progress the screening of the first film in the competition, Futura di Sanfelice, in fact, he staged a protest at the address of the municipal administration of Catanzaro. As known for months with stamped paper, Tar decision after Tar’s decision a real war is taking place between them and the Municipality. The subject of the dispute is the occupation of the piers.

A delegation of protesters was allowed to take the stage to explain the position. A decisive intervention. There was no lack of criticism of the mayor who was invited to the stage by yachtsmen. “This Municipality does not like this port – said a spokesman – because it is also intended for boats. They took it away from us and it’s not fair ”. The situation recovered after a few minutes and the evening went on regularly. Above the video


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