The prosecutor’s office investigates the attack on nurse Quesna and summons the hospital director

The prosecutor is investigating the assault on nursing staff and workers at Quesna Central Hospital, as the prosecutor received notification on December 1 from nurses, workers and security personnel at Quesna Central Hospital that a patient’s family – in gynecology department – attacked them and caused them injuries, following a dispute over treatment methods, and among the defendants there was an officer, the Military Public Prosecutor’s Office specialized in verifying the communication against him, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office Repubblica was specialized in investigating the facts attributed to the rest of the defendants.

The public prosecutor’s office went to the hospital, examined it, ascertained the damage to some of its medical equipment, furniture and the recording device of the monitoring device, and listened to the statements of the hospital’s safety director and two security personnel on the dispute in the gynecology department between the family members of the reported patient and the nursing staff, and the consequent injuries to the nurses. And the security personnel, and the damages that have been examined by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the The public prosecutor’s office heard the testimony of the surveillance cameras official, who claimed that there was a backup copy of the recordings of the cameras that monitored the incident.

That, and the prosecutor has summoned the hospital director and the rest of the parties involved in the incident to hear their statements, and the investigation is nearing completion.

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