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The prosecutor withdrew the petition for appeal submitted for the Şule Çet decision!

The case, which was held in Ankara 31st High Criminal Court on the death of Gazi University student Şule Çet from the 20th floor of the plaza on 29 May 2018, ended on 4 December 2019.

The court sentenced Çağatay Aksu to 12 years and 6 months ‘imprisonment for’ hiding a crime ‘,’ life crime ‘,’ quality sexual assault ‘and’ deprivation of liberty ‘for the purpose of’ hiding a crime ‘,’ eliminating evidence or facilitating its processing or not being caught.

Berk Akand was sentenced to 18 years and 9 months in prison, for 12 years and 6 months for “assisting with murder”, 5 years for “rape aid” and “for deprivation of liberty”.


Following the decision, the lawyers of Şule Çet’s family stated that the defendant Çağatay Aksu should be given a “aggravated life imprisonment” without a discount, and the defendants’ lawyers were brought to the appeal on the grounds that the defendants were punished without material evidence.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, one of the interveners of the case, also objected to the decision, stating that the punishment of the defendants at the lower limit and the imposition of a good deed were conscience.


In his opinion; The public prosecutor demanding up to 39 years imprisonment from the defendants Çağatay Aksu for the crimes of “deliberate killing”, “sexual assault” and “deprivation of the liberty” up to 39 years, and Berk Akand’s imprisonment for up to 31 years from aid to the crimes committed, while the public prosecutor was charged gave attitude certificate.

Following the announcement of the reasoned decision, the prosecutor withdrew his petition in his petition to the court, stating that he had given up on appeal.

If the prosecutor submitted a petition to the court, “If the Ankara 31st High Criminal Court has been requested to maintain the period of 09/12/2019 regarding the decision dated 04.12.2019 on the basis of 2018/511 and numbered 2019/446, also, considering the scope of the file, the request was filed against Çağatay Aksu, who is alleged to have committed crimes against Şule Çet, the defendant and the deliberate killing of the defendant, Çağatay Aksu, and the accused Berk Akand. included. DHA

RELATED NEWSThe reasoned decision of the Şule Çet case has been announced!



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