The prosecution announces the confessions of a cancer prosecutor: “People sympathized with fame and received gifts, and my mother is innocent.”

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The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused for publishing false news about his cancer, for 4 days pending investigation.

The “Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Statement Department at the Attorney General’s Office” had monitored the accused’s claim of cancer on social media for a long time, and his despair at treatment and surrender to death, and other publications that indicated the defendant’s lies and its negative impact on some real patients who were in a state of despair and frustration. Some of them stopped treatment, and by presenting the matter to Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Attorney General ordered an investigation into the incident.

Where the police summoned the accused to discuss with him, he confirmed that he was not infected with the disease and claimed that he had contracted it on social media to achieve fame and profit. His illness was to the sympathy of people with the intention of achieving fame and increasing his followers on these sites, and that his mother believed in good faith in his illness.

The Public Prosecution asked four female witnesses suffering from the aforementioned disease, and they testified that the accused had claimed that he had cancer on social media for years, especially in groups that included people with the same disease, and that one of them had doubts about his allegations for publishing pictures of others who had been attributed to himself, so she asked him about how he was treated and where he was. He received him in it to verify his order, so he claimed that he was being treated in one of the famous hospitals and an institute of oncology, and by exploring his order in them, it became clear that they were free of any files for his treatment, and when she asked him for that with those files, he refused to present them.

The witnesses unanimously agreed that the accused recently published his despair from treatment and surrendered to death, and called on those with the disease not to receive it because there was no benefit from it, which affected their health and others negatively, until the matter came to some of them refusing to receive treatment and their health deteriorated, and they clarified that the defendant’s purpose was what he was spreading. To achieve fame and receive gifts and donations from associations and institutions that support people with this disease.

The final police investigations confirmed the accused’s falsely claim that he had the disease and that he used fraudulent methods to demonstrate that, and that his purpose from these allegations was to achieve fame and material gains and collect in-kind gifts, and during the recent period he claimed failure of his treatment and deterioration of his health, which affected real cases negatively and disturbed the public peace.

The “Public Prosecution” has ordered the suspect’s imprisonment for four days pending investigations, and has taken measures to technically examine his accounts and the pages he manages on social media sites, and investigations are being completed.

On the occasion of this incident, the Public Prosecution calls upon all to investigate the accuracy of what is circulated on social media and to limit its re-publication until after verifying its authenticity. As the lies contained in some of what is being circulated – as in the incident at hand – have an extreme negative impact on all and disturb their security and peace. Rather, in this incident, it almost claimed the lives of some people of despair and despair, as the Public Prosecution calls upon all to investigate banks With which they deposit their alms and donations, so the disbursement of alms without investigation prevents them from reaching every needy needy.

The Public Prosecution affirms that one of the reasons for the disappearance of blessings is the claim that they have disappeared, and that there is no way to perpetuate and increase them except by giving thanks.

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