The pros clustered around the NEL stock


HYDROGEN in FOCUS: The Nordnet pros also turned their attention to NEL in June. Pictured: Investment economist Mads Johannesen, Nordnet. Photo: Photo: Nordnet.

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Apart from being a dominant player among private savers, Nordnet also has a solid customer base consisting of private professional customers, so-called «day traders.

Turnover for 7.9 billion

Active professional customers at Nordnet in June traded financial instruments for NOK 7.9 billion. The majority of trading took place in equities, more precisely NOK 6.9 billion. Financial derivatives accounted for NOK 1.1 billion.

Daily average trade among the professional customers amounted to 9,500 trades per day for the Norwegian customers.

NEL on top

The most traded share among the pros was NEL with a turnover of 1.4 billion. Borr Drilling and Scandic Hotels followed in second and third place respectively.

On Thursday, the NEL rose a modest 0.51 percent to NOK 19.80. The share so far this year is up 129 percent. In comparison, the Oslo Børs benchmark index is down 14 percent since the turn of the year.

Most traded among the pros in June.

party Turnover
IN 1,440 million
Drill Drilling 650 million
Scandic Hotels 385 million
Equinor 369 million
Aker BP 328 million
XXL 270 million
Norwegian Air Shuttle 226 million
Aker 206 million
Storebrand 148 million
Norsk Hydro 140 million


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