The project “DIVI 9” in the language of art actualizes the issues of mental health and addiction / Article

More than thirty creative personalities have united in the project “DIVI 9” to illuminate in the language of art and draw attention to the problems of mental health and addiction in Latvia. On September 15, 16, 17 and 18, in the 2nd quarter of Sports, everyone is invited to live with the multimedia show “This love does not sell”. In parallel, an audiovisual exhibition “Art for a Longer Life” and other events will take place until September 21.

“The project started a year and a half ago. Just when the pandemic started. Tragically, our friend Matīss Runtulis, a musician, composer, passed away, and this event shook many of us. it affects many more people than we imagine on a daily basis, “Marta Mēness, the project manager of” DIVI 9 “, tells in the Latvian Radio program” Kultūras rondo “. “Statistics show that three times more people die from mental illness, depression and suicide than from road accidents.

We know a lot about campaigns that we need to fasten, but we often don’t know how to help a person in difficulty. ”

After experiencing the departure of a loved one, friends and family felt the need to do something to solve this problem. Being artists, of course, they chose to speak the language of art – in what they know best. Their intention is to dispel the ingrained prejudices and stigmas associated with mental health in society by increasing emotional intelligence.

The performance “This Love Does Not Sell” will feature songs by Matīss Runtuulis, selected from his work by his father – director Viktors Runtulis.

“All the music in the show will be very electronic. [..] There are so many nuances! We have to play “live”, we don’t run “play” on the computer. We are several musicians – drummer, bassist, guitarist, pianist and vocalists, ”provides insight into singer Elza Rozentāle. “I would like to add that Matisse does not have a verse, a verse, a song. Never, never. [..] He made forms where you, as a listener, can’t predict what will happen right away, you just travel with you, listen. ”

In addition to music, all four performances also include video projections and illustrations by Fričs Kalveļs and Anna Meldrāja, choreography of contemporary dance by Elīna Gaitjukeviča and Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs, as well as contemporary circus acrobatics.

The audiovisual exposition of the project “DIVI 9” “Art for a Longer Life” is produced by the association “ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education”. Its curator is Paula Vītola, but the participants are Krista Dintere, Ivo Tauriņš, Andrejs Poikāns, Diana Lelis, Maija Demitere, Rogier Jupijn, Paula Vītola, Anna Priedola, Marta Mēness, Kaspars Jaudzems, Anna Meldrāja, Fricis Kalvelis.

The exhibition is created with an idea of ​​experiences, explains Marta Moon:

“Art gives experience to think, feel, see the world differently and thus prolong life.

Because life is not how long we live in terms of time, but how long we live, how many experiences we experience in our daily lives. ”

More about the events of the project “DIVI 9” so Homepage.

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