The production of Lentilek in the Czech Republic is ending. With the move to Germany, the packaging and recipe will change

Traditional Lentils will no longer be produced in the Czech Republic. The production of one of the oldest Czech brands will move to Hamburg, Germany, from next spring. The reason is a change in packaging and recipe – according to Nestlé, chocolates will be added to the confectionery and, conversely, the proportion of sugar will be reduced.

Auctioned milk chocolate has been produced in the Sfinx confectionery factory in Holešov since 1907. Information on the relocation of Lentilek production was brought by Radio Journal, Nestlé also confirmed it on the official Facebook profile of Lentilek.

“There were two reasons for this. The first is the harmonization of the recipe with the Smarties brand, which we decided on the basis of the results of preferential tests among consumers,” they state on the social network representatives of the company. “The second reason is the optimization of production and the resulting reduction in maintenance costs for production technologies and better capacity utilization at the Hamburg plant, which is sufficient to produce and distribute the product to all EU countries and has the technology to fill Lentilek into paper packaging,” they added.

Vratislav Janda, the company’s director of corporate affairs, also told Radiožurnál that there would be less sugar and more chocolate in Lentilky.

Five years ago, Mondelez moved its sponge cake production to Poland. At that time, an affair broke out around Mondelez, which started the show A Enough! on The biscuits changed shape or color after the relocation of production. The manufacturer slightly changed the composition and nutritional values.

The company resisted that the recipe remained the same, only the methodology for calculating values ​​changed. The inspection subsequently ordered the manufacturer to ensure the indication of the country of origin on the packaging of all confectionery that is not produced in the Czech Republic.

Boss change

Last year, the profit of the Czech branch of the world‘s leading confectionery manufacturer Nestlé rose by 4.5 percent to 604 million crowns. Revenues increased by 8.5 percent to 11.4 billion crowns.

The factories at the Zora plant in Olomouc, the Sfinx plant in Holešov and the Tivall plant in Krpka last year produced 69,115 tons of confectionery and chilled food for about 6.3 billion crowns, about half of which went on export, the ČTK agency reminded.

Nestlé Czechia and Slovakia have also announced a change of CEO for decades. The current, Danish Toren Emborg, will take turns in the position with the Scandinavian boss, the Dutchman Michiel Kernkamp, ​​from October.

In addition to Lentilek, the company produces Maggi food, Nescafé, Caro or Granko coffee and beverages, Nestlé and Beba baby food, as well as Purina, Friskies or Felix pet food.


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