The problem of the shortage of workers also affects airlines. American Airlines cancels flights

American Airlines canceled around Halloween weekend 1,500 flights due to bad weather and staff shortages, in particular of flight attendants. The inclement weather that forced the company to reorganize the connections on some routes. Today alone, 634 flights were canceled, about one in four. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal also Southwest Airlines had to cancel a hundred flights. Unlike the weather, the workforce problem is not transitory and is affecting many of the major US companies. The sector was particularly affected by the pandemic with i connections almost zeroed in the lockdown phases.

As in other sectors, the post-pandemic recovery has come clashed with a changed world of work after people, forced to a forced stop, have reviewed their choices and priorities. Only last August more than 4 million US workers they resigned. A phenomenon that, with due proportions, is also affecting Europe and Italy. According to one studio published on, about half a million Italians resigned between last April and June.

Various American airlines are having similar difficulties, problems that tend to worsen in the last days of the month as crews begin to hit the maximum monthly flying hours. The CEO of American Airlines David Seymour said the company is looking to beef up its workforce ahead of the Christmas season, particularly by hiring 600 flight attendants.

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