“The problem isn’t Mario’s subhuman, but the background giggles”

Balotelli and the joke to Dayane, Selvaggia Lucarelli against Alfonso Signorini: “The problem isn’t Mario’s subhuman, but the background giggles.” A few hours after the last episode of Big Brother Vip, the unhappy joke of Mario Balotelli against Dayane Mello continues to discuss.

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Selviaggia Lucarelli comments on the story with a vitriolic post on Facebook: “It is not so much that subhuman Balotelli who arrives amidst the swear words and makes a squalid, embarrassing joke, from a convinced alpha male to his ex, but the giggles in the background. And Signorini that ‘Ahhhh did you understand Dayane?’, Unable to tell him ‘what crap did you say?’. After all, as in other Sunday night shows, these are the models with which the brain is burning to that part of the population that laughs about it, together with Signorini. And always in the same network, where perhaps there is some problem to be solved. (ah, the apologies requested by the host after reading Twitter and then telling him ‘enter the house’ are not valid)».

Immediate comments from Selvaggia Lucarelli fans: «What a bad figure“. The post goes around the web.

Last update: Saturday 24 October 2020, 12:41



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