The problem for the CD Project is not Cyberpunk 2077, but GOG

GOG has been struggling with financial problems and declining profits for several quarters, which has led to CD Project to reorganize digital trade and return to the spirit of its beginnings. GOG will no longer be a general digital store, but will instead offer players carefully and hand-picked games.

“We have recently taken steps to improve our financial situation,” Piotr Nielubowicz, CFO of the CD Project, told GOG in front of investors. “Above all, we decided that GOG must return to its core business of offering carefully selected games with an anti-DRM philosophy. The team structure will change accordingly. “

GOG should shrink your catalog, offer only carefully and hand – selected games and maintain the philosophy of digital titles without anti-piracy protection. We have to wait for more precise information about the reorganization of the online project CD platform.

GOG reported a total of the last three quarters a loss of $ 2.21 million, while in the same period last year, a profit of $ 1.37 million was recorded.

GOG was launched in 2008 as Good Old Games, a platform built to sell hard-to-reach DRM-free classic games. Since then, it has become a more versatile store with new games from other studios and CD Projekt RED’s internal games, including The Sorcerer 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. But the biggest difference was the online service GOG Galaxy, which connected other clients.



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