The Pro League, a thing of three?

The results of the first day in group IV-D of Second Division B (the promotion phase to the Pro League), with lthe victories of Balona, ​​Sevilla Atlético and Córdoba CF, They have caused a radical change in the landscape. With five days ahead, the two places in this group that give the right to achieve a place in the category of new stamp seem to be a matter of the three sets that added on the starting date of the calendar.

Ninety minutes into the second phase and there are already grandiose phrases about the future of some of the groups that compete in it in the media that surround them. “A minute of silence for Real Murcia” O “Closer to the abyss” are the headlines that head the chronicle of the defeat of the paprika team in La Línea, at the hands of a Real Balompédica that already leads them by six points.

This marker leaves the yellow options too far to be in the new category next season “, writes Fernando Díaz in Cádiz newspaper after the setback of the yellow subsidiary at the hands of Sevilla Atlético (1-4), which placed him eight points from second place.

Two teams then, whose environment considers discarded. Well, and what is not the environment, because Real Murcia has removed its sports director, Julio Algar, from his duties, just 24 hours after the match ended at the Municipal Linense.

The informants who follow the Tamaraceite -which after more than a year undefeated at home, he has lost two in a row in Juan Guedes- they put more emphasis on the penalty scored by Jonathan Quintero in extra time. Or it would be better to say, stopped by the Cordovan goalkeeper Becerra.

The truth is that these two results leave him four points behind the Balona (second) and that next Sunday (11:30) he visits a Sevilla Athletic that he has only lost two games in his stadium. Specifically the first two. The last setback in his compound occurred on November 8.

So the second team of Nervión (33), Antonio Calderón (31) and Caliphate (30) they seem to have emerged as the great protagonists. Tamara is still waiting for a possible feat in the Seville sports city and what happens in the Nuevo Arcángel between Córdoba and Balona (Sunday, 5:00 p.m., live on Footters), in a match that reaches, again, end range. Given the progress of the competition, a victory for the Albinegros would have an exponential value, but everything that is not losing …



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