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The Asturias Transport Consortium (CTA) will replenish transportation services regular road travelers starting next September 1 in almost all concessions of the Principality.

The increase in supply will make it possible to recover in some cases 100% of the frequencies, despite the lukewarm recovery of demand, what barely exceeds 50% of travelers compared to the same period of 2019.

Specifically, from next Tuesday the grills of the direct buses between Oviedo and Gijón and the civil servant services in the central triangle of the community. The direct routes between Posada de Llanera and Oviedo also increased, and some more in Luanco, Pola de Siero or Villaviciosa.

Further, rural services are completed that until now had only tour in the morning, take up frequencies in the communication of Basins with Oviedo and Gijón and they increase the services in the regions of the Nalón and the Caudal.

Equally, Progress is made in the design of new routes and in the recovery of schedules for the start of the course university and school year, with the intensity necessary to attend to student movements. To coordinate the operation, in the next few days a meeting will be held between CTA technicians and the Vice-Rector’s Office for Students.

Coinciding with the academic year, the services provided combined with the school routes will be completed, which will mean increases in both the eastern and western areas of Asturias.

Region of Avilés

In the region of Avilés, in response to the demands of the neighborhood and city councils,They recover frequencies on lines L1 and L6 in the morning, with passage times every 20 minutes on L1.

At the same time, work will be done with the municipalities of the area to improve a level of services that, by frequencies, types of vehicles and routes, is similar to urban transport and that, consequently, requires the involvement of the consistories in your ddesign and co-financing.

Thus they analyze measures to improve circulation that allow offering a reliable and quality service in less time, such as the implantation of bus lanes and traffic light preference. Also in actions that guarantee correct financing based on the service, fleet and rates that the municipalities wish to offer in their urban areas.

CTA and security

All operating companies follow a strict cleaning and hygiene protocol and public transport was one of the first sectors in which the mandatory use of masks was implemented to guarantee safe routes.

The CTA continues to monitor the evolution of services and passenger demand as well as the recommendations or sanitary regulations in the crisis of the COVID-19. The progressive modifications of services based on the continuous study of supply and demand are being essential when it comes to guaranteeing the future viability of a service and a sector hard hit by the pandemic.

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