The Princes and Princesses of Love 3: Hilona and Julien Bert fired? Mélanight arrives, Dita and Jason clash … What will happen next week

Friday on W9, Julien Bert dropped a bomb on Anthony Alcaraz in The Princes and Princesses of Love 3 and seeing that his sex life was revealed in the open, Kellyn freaked out in the last episode! The candidate learned in passing that her prince had also slept with Yasmine, enough to question her whole adventure. Will Kellyn decide to leave and abandon her prince? At the writing of melty, we are hanging on his lips … Another clash will also erupt, this time on the side of Marine and Julien Guirado, and the candidate will tell him that he regrets his arrival …

Will the couple leave the adventure?

Magali Berdah will arrive at the villa to announce her decision: Will Hilona and Julien Bert be able to continue the adventure together? With the arrival of Mélanight as princess, nothing is less certain … Finally, Dita will be at the heart of the next episodes with a huge clash that she will have with Jason. The suitor will react very badly when he sees his rapprochement with Bryan, and it may well be that he still loses points with his princess! Dita will also have an overwhelming coaching with Aïssa … Until we discover more, we reveal you here Marine’s revelations about Julien Guirado from LPDLA7.


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