The Prime Minister emphasized on enhancing cooperation in public health. Support the establishment of a development fund | RYT9

Mr.Anucha Buropchaisri Regular spokespersonPrime Minister’s Office Announced after the meeting of the Irrawaddy Economic Cooperation Strategy Leader? Chao Phraya? Mekong (Ayeyawady? Chao Phraya? Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy: ACMECS), the 9th time by Gen.Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister and Minister.Defense Attending the meeting via a teleconference system with leaders of four other member countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam and ASEAN Secretary-General that the President of the State has proposed cooperation on 3 issues as follows:

The first issue, “developing interconnection in all dimensions”, both in hardware software and digital, is essential to the economic and social revival. This is to build strength from within in the long run. In which the Prime Minister emphasized the use of technology To promote trade and investment across borders Accelerating the improvement of regulations to be the same standard Including the development of electronic platforms for Micro SMEs to strengthen the capabilities of entrepreneurs. Create jobs, generate income for people to have a better quality of life. Reduce the development gap between them

For the implementation of the ACMECS Master Plan in the next phase, public health cooperation must be elevated. And more sustainable this opportunity, the Prime Minister informed the meeting that Thailand has signed an agreement with AstraZeneca to supply the COVID-19 vaccine. It is expected to be licensed for use and production in mid-2021 and Thailand is ready to support the drug and vaccine as a public commodity so people in the Greater Mekong Sub-region can have equal access. At a reasonable price

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Second point “Establishing the ACMECS Development Fund” as a concrete development mechanism. And respond to the real needs of the sub-region By asking for cooperation for each country to speed up the internal processes to be completed And reaffirmed a pledge to contribute $ 200 million to the fund. In addition, Thailand also promotes the establishment of ACMECS Secretariat as the main agency for data collection and analysis. Create a strategy to drive the project And coordinate with effective development partners

Third issue “The establishment of the ACMECS Secretariat” requires a central mechanism to act as the main coordinator both within the ACMECS Group itself and between ACMECS and its development partners. This will send an important signal to the international community that In a day when the world faces tough challenges, ACMECS is ready to join forces as one. To continue to drive cooperation actively Play a constructive role And ready to cope with all kinds of changes

Mr Anucha said the 9th ACMECS meeting was aimed at reviewing the progress made under the three main areas of the ACMECS five-year Master Plan: (1) Seamless Connectivity. Connectivity (2) Economic Coordination (Synchronized ACMECS Economies) and (3) Sustainable and Innovative Regional Development (Smart and Sustainable ACMECS). Progress is also being monitored for the establishment of the ACMECS Development Fund and interaction with development partners. The first development partners are China, the US, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia, and this year, New Zealand and Israel will be the second development partner.

ACMECS member leaders also agree with the new principles that Thailand proposes on “Safe and Reliable Sub-region” is another field of cooperation under the ACMECS Master Plan to enhance the image competitiveness of the sub-region. And promote the region as a safe, reliable and full of opportunities for external partners to join in on economic and development efforts. The meeting also endorsed the “Phnom Penh Declaration”, which values ​​the economic and social recovery of the post-COVID-19 era. Prepare for future crises and new challenges. Promotion of cooperation in public health And supply chain integration It also emphasizes the partnership between the public and private sectors to drive economic growth.

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However, in the closing of the meeting The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia handed over the chairmanship to the prime minister. Lao PDR as Chairman of the next agenda (2021-2023)


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