The Prime Minister directs a plan for the delivery to the Administrative Capital of the housing units assigned to the removals

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting today; Following the executive position of the new administrative capital projects, in the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technologies, Eng. Randa El-Minshawi, First Assistant to the Prime Minister, Eng. Khaled Al-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Mechanization, and Dr. Ihab Abu Eish, Deputy Minister of Finance for the Public Treasury, Eng. Khaled Abbas, President of the Administrative Capital Society for Urban Development, Eng. Abdel Muttalib Emara, Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority, Major General Ahmed Shiha, Deputy Director of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, Eng. Adel Hamed, president of Telecom Egypt, and Major General Mohamed Said, Deputy Director of the Signal Department in the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Tawfiq Abdel Rahim, in the Armed Forces Systems Department, Dr Sherif Hazem, Advisor to the Minister of Finance for engineering affairs, engineer Sherif El-Sherbiny, head of the new administrative capital authority, and officials from relevant ministries and authorities.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that today’s meeting is part of the periodic meetings that are held to follow the developments of the projects being implemented in the new administrative capital, recalling the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, on the importance of a rapid completion of the various works that would allow the government to operate in its entirety from its headquarters in the new administrative capital in the next period.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of continuous monitoring of the position of the various projects under implementation in the Administrative Capital, to ensure compliance with the deadlines specified for the speed of completion of their work, as well as the quality of their implementation.

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During the meeting, the Chairman of the Board directed the timely preparation of a plan for the delivery of the housing units assigned to employees who move to the New Administrative Capital for work, provided that this plan is communicated to those to whom they have been assigned. housing units.

The Prime Minister also indicated to quickly identify separate tracks, axes and roads for the means of transport participating in the realization of various projects within the capital, provided that these tracks are separated from the paths of employees and visitors and that there is a clear map of these roads and axes.

During the meeting, Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, reviewed the axes of the ministry’s work in the context of the move to the new administrative capital, which included the axis of digitization of government documents and the axis of specialized applications that contain the activities of transferring applications for individuals moving in the capital to the unified data center, and conducting an examination for all applications transmitted by the National Center for Emergency Preparedness (CERT), computers and networks, and the hub participatory applications, including the human resources system, the salary system, the electronic filing and messaging system and the national project management system.

During the meeting, engineer Randa El-Minshawi presented a detailed report on the projects underway within the government district, which includes the areas of ministries, banks and the Stock Exchange, noting the position of the progress on the government and service buildings, what has been received and what is in progress. To complete the rest of the final finishes and furnishing works, in particular for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, it also took note of the location of special installations and equipment within government buildings, with regards to audio and video , explaining that the installation of equipment for 1,026 meeting rooms for ministries and authorities has been completed and handed over to them.

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Engineer Randa Al-Minshawi continued reviewing the location of special systems and equipment within government buildings, noting what is related to the provision and installation of surveillance cameras in these buildings, as well as the location of the exterior cover and internal mobile networks, where the supply and installation of all poles on top of government buildings, their operation and the start-up of the service through them, as well as the position of management and activation of Internet services within the various government building locations; and the location of the solar energy system supplier and installation on the tallest government buildings.

The First Assistant to the Prime Minister touched on the situation of public services, roads and the coordination of the headquarters of the government district, noting that the water, irrigation, sewage and electricity networks of the government district were completed and tested, adding that the completion works of the fields within the ministerial area are in progress and the plants of the relative electromechanical works are being completed.

As regards technological infrastructures, digitization works and applications, Eng. Randa El-Minshawi referred to the position of the civil and electromechanical works carried out, as well as the connection between the Capital Information Center and the unified Data Center, the position of connection of the government buildings with the central government, the interconnection networks outside government buildings and the “Viber” computer networks within it.

Al-Minshawi added that participatory applications of human resource management, national project management and follow-up, as well as electronic archiving, document and content management, unified working platform and government procurement system and other participatory instances have been completed. which will be dealt with with the transfer to the new administrative capital, referring in this regard to the position of the specialist bodies.

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The First Assistant to the Prime Minister addressed the position of the main projects and utility axes in the New Administrative Capital, in particular with regard to water sources, the location of the water purification plant in the Administrative Capital and the transport lines of the turbid waters, as well as as the main sources of irrigation, and the location of the current and permanent sewerage system, as well as the location of electrical installations The main road, as well as the construction of main streets, axes and squares in the new administrative capital, as well as neighborhoods residential.

For its part, Eng. Khaled Abbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development, indicated the location of construction of the main roads and axes within the capital, and the timetable for their completion, reviewing a map that includes alternative roads and lanes for the passage of means of transport foreseen in the next period, which coincides with the presence of employees and visitors in the new administrative capital.

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