The primaries of Pézilla-la-Rivière are introduced to tennis

As part of physical education and sports, the ten classes, or 262 pupils, of the Sarda-Garriga elementary school went up to the nets of the Baho Harlequin Olympic tennis club on the courts located behind the Louis-Blad stadium.

Supervised by Michel Henon, president of the club, the instructor Sandra Panis and the teachers, the children became familiar with the racket in three workshops, physical, technical, and precision on the wall. And so that everyone could exchange balls, the sessions were organized class by class on Tuesdays and Fridays in May. At the end of the pandemic, needless to say, these courses have taken on a very particular flavor, the children having a real need for outings. For the director of the school Sébastien-Vidal: “This allows you to vary the activities for the children who thus discover other sports”. This gave them a taste of the new school timetables which will be in effect at the start of the 2022 school year: “Next year, physical activities will be daily for 30 minutes a day”. These sessions, these contacts allowed them to get to know infrastructures that they did not necessarily know, and with a tennis club which has relaunched this sport in the village since September 2021: it now has a little more than 20 members, and still hopes to develop.

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