The price of the iPhone 11 iPhone 12 iPhone 13 May 2022 has fallen, starting at only 7 million

Gala – This is update price iPhone 11, iPhone 12until iPhone 13 series already come down price.

This May 2022, Apple has dropped the price iPhone 11, iPhone 12day iPhone 13 series. Even, iPhone 11 now on sale from price Rp 7 million just.

Although the iPhone 14 will soon be released, iPhone 11, iPhone 12day iPhone 13 still be coveted many people, let alone the price has started come down.

With various specification capable and can be used for years, the iPhone is always considered to have superiority separately from Android smartphones.

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Especially, camera iPhone is considered clearer than Android smartphones.

Following update price latest iPhone 11, iPhone 12 until iPhone 13 series reported by Galamedia through the official website

iPhone 11 64GB: Rp 7.999.000

iPhone 11 128GB: Rp 9.249.000

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