The price of Ethereum will increase significantly, suggest analysts –

Investors expect the price of Ethereum to rise sharply after altcoin surged to $ 563 yesterday. Currently, however, the price has dropped to $ 536.

Cena Ethereum

In the short term traders expect there are still $ 600 approaches in what they believe is the main area of ​​resistance for Ether. It was more or less the break of this level that started the downtrend in May 2018. Now a breakthrough to the north at this level could cause the price of ETH to take off.

If Ether goes above $ 600, it will likely fall in the $ 700- $ 900 range. Above there is a little resistance. Then we have the current ATH – $ 1,200.

During the next bubble, 1 ETH can cost over $ 10,000.

In turn, the trader “Rookie” claims that probably 1 ETH will go up to 700 USD already at the end of this year.

Foundations to fuel the ETH bubble?

cena ethereumVan de Poppe may be right, because the current ATH ETH is like Bitcoin from 2013. So it is possible that altcoin will rise to ATH BTC from 2017 in this cycle, or even $ 20,000.

In addition, the price jump in Ether is driven by the fundamentals. First of all, Ethereum 2.0 is expected to partially start on December 1, which will affect the ETH supply on the market. The new version of the network introduces the PoS algorithm, in which the cryptocurrency is no longer copied using miners, but the stake process. We wrote more about it in this place.

It’s not everything. The ETH chain data shows that big investors are still amassing the cryptocurrency. This trend coincides with a decline in ETH reserves on exchanges. This suggests two things: more and more ETH holders are depositing funds in Ethereum 2.0 to stake them, and besides, investors are buying cryptocurrencies for a longer period.

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