the price of diesel and gasoline drops

The price of fuel falls following the drop in the prices of petroleum derivatives. Great news, let’s find out the amount of the new rates.

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Price increases upon price increases, the last few months have proved to be a real scourge for Italians. After light and gas, the raw materials and increases even coffee finally good news arrives. The prices of gasoline and diesel they are going down with great relief for the wallet. The merit of this inflection in our favor is of lower costs of petroleum derivatives caused by a change in prices. For now, motorists have not noticed any major changes but minimal variations. Let’s take a closer look at the current rates while we hope that the difference between before and now will become more evident in such a way as to increase savings.

Compare rates, the news on fuel

The cost of fuel is reduced but the visible effects are limited. Eni during the current week applied a reduction of a penny per liter for both petrol and diesel. One cent less than last week’s decrease in LPG. The API group has gone further by lowering fuel rates by 1.5 cents per liter. If from ENI, therefore, the cost of the gas per liter is 1,758 for self-service and 1,958 per served, at the API Group the figures are 1,747 euros per liter for self-service and 1,919 for served.

It offers motorists lower figures. At the distributor it is possible to put petrol with 1,744 euros per liter with the self and 1,894 with the served. They still go down to Tamoil where petrol is paid 1,736 euros for the self and 1,818 euros per liter for the served. Q8, then, proposes 1,739 euros per liter for the self and 1,918 for the served while the fire engines without logo can make petrol with 1,731 for the self and 1,782 for the served.

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Diesel, how much do you cost us?

For what concern diesel, the ENI tariff provides 1,618 euro per liter for self and 1,823 euros for served. If you stop at Api-IP you will pay 1,612 euros per liter for the self service and 1,806 euros for the service. The price of fuel at Esso drops with 1.609 euros for self-service and 1.765 euros for served. There Tamoil, instead, proposes 1,605 euro per liter for self and 1,692 euros for served. The same amount for the self from Q8 while the served one has a cost of 1,787 euros per liter. Finally, in the distributors without logo it is possible to put the diesel with 1.601 euros for the self e 1,654 euros for the service.


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