The price is only Rp. 100 million, Citroen Ami wants to be brought to Indonesia?


Citroen has a small, car-shaped vehicle and the price is affordable, named Ami. Will Ami be there with Citroen’s return to Indonesia?

Vincent Cobee, CEO of Citroen, said that Ami was created to support the mobility of urbanites in Europe. Its small shape makes it easy to find parking, even Ami does not need to use a driving license in France.

“So Ami is still very young in our history. We launched Ami a few years ago, the market is for Europe, very affordable, compact design, electric mobility for anyone, no SIM needed to drive it, can also charge at home, parking it’s very easy, ”Cobee said.


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Cobee said, if Citroen Ami gets a big demand in Indonesia, this French brand will try to market it here.

“Consumer demand is everywhere, in Turkey, England, Morocco, so this is an innovation designed for Citroen. The reason I show today, first of all, there is no limit to creativity and innovation. So if tomorrow there is ‘is a big question from Indonesia, let’s go discuss it, “he said.

The Citroen Ami is designed as a tiny car. It has four wheels, as well as a body and a roof that protects the passengers. The way to drive it is through a round steering wheel like in a car, but the Citroen Ami is included in the category of four-wheeled bicycles, at least so it is in France and some European countries.

This means that it is not necessary to have a driving license to drive it in the European Union. The maximum speed is instead of only 45 km / h (27.9 mph) and has a maximum power of 8 horsepower.

Each country has its own regulations, in France it is not necessary to have a driving license to drive it. In the hometown of Zinedin Zidane, the Citroen Ami can be driven from the age of 14, but in England she is only 17 and requires a driving license.

Ami Citroen is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5.5 kWh. This car can cover a distance of up to 46.6 miles or approximately 74.4 kilometers. Performance from 0 to 27.9 mph (45 km / h) takes 10 seconds.

This car can accommodate up to two passengers, including the driver. Meanwhile, a full charge from zero to 100 percent takes 3 hours.

Citroen Ami also has a compact aka tiny design. It is only 2,410mm long, 1,390mm wide and 1,525mm high. Smaller than a mini EV! As for the price, Citroen Ami is sold starting from 7,790 euros or about 120 million Rp.

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