The price is only 2 million, this is the difference between Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 11, it has divine specifications, smooth game!

AYOSEMARANG.COMFor those of you who are confused about choosing HP Redmi Note 10 or Redmi Note 11here are the differences in specifications and prices.

Redmi Note 10 And Redmi Note 11the first year In 2023 the price drops to 2 million, both are equipped with higher specifications.

Redmi Note 10 released in Indonesia in September 2021, meanwhile Redmi Note 11 launched in Indonesia in March 2022.

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Redmi Note 11 is the latest generation of Redmi Note 10so the specs are slightly similar.

So what’s the difference Redmi Note 10 And Redmi Note 11? Here are the differences and similarities, from price to specs:

1. Pricing and storage

Redmi Note 10 Carrying only 4GB/64GB of RAM, the mobile is now priced at IDR 2,399,000, down from IDR 2,499,000.

Meanwhile for Redmi Note 11 It carries 2 variants of RAM and storage namely 4GB/128GB and 6GB/128GB.

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