The price is equivalent to a Fortuner, this is why Chery dares to sell premium SUVs in Indonesia


PT Chery Motor Indonesia officially markets its two new SUV products, Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro. Especially for the Tiggo 8 Pro model, the official price has reached Rs 500 million or something similar to the price of Toyota Fortuner. What prompted Chery to sell the Tiggo 8 Pro at a relatively high price for a Chinese car?

Shawn Xu, managing director of PT Chery Motor Indonesia, explained that Chery deliberately entered the SUV segment at a premium price, because it wanted to form a luxury image or brand in the country.

“Our conviction is strong because both are products that we have built through long research, technological development and careful design. We have also studied the premium SUV market and seen what must be offered to consumers, namely the technological excellence that is implemented in all features, so that they can provide maximum driving comfort and safety, we are optimistic that the Tiggo Pro Series will be the right product for Chery to enter Indonesia,” explained Shawn, in Jakarta (23/ 11/2022).

“Because we are introducing priced products and premium products, because we need to build a brand image in Indonesia. That’s why we came in with Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8,” Shawn said.

“We want to create a premium brand image in Indonesia first so that we can gain the trust of the market and achieve the positioning that Chery has established globally,” he continued.

For information, Chery Tiggo 8 Pro is offered in two variants and prices, Tiggo 8 Pro Luxury variant IDR 518.5 million and Premium variant IDR 548.5 million. The most expensive Chery Tiggo 8 Pro variant is already close to the price of the GM/T Toyota Fortuner diesel type which is marketed at IDR 548.6 million.

While the Cherry Tiggo 7 Pro with your choice of 1,500cc turbocharged engine is offered at a price of less than half a billion, for example the Comfort variant is Rp. 368.5 million, Luxury is Rp. 398.5 million, Premium is Rp. 428.5 million, and Premium-Two Tone is Rp. 433.5 million.

Watch a videoPepet Almaz RS, these are the specifications and prices of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro
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