“The price cap on gas? I’ll explain why it’s ideological and useless”

Paul Scaroni

Il price cap on the gas? “An unnecessary move in my opinion. It was more ideological than real.” Paul Scaroni, Deputy Chairman of Rothschild & Co, commented on current events with the frankness that only number one can afford. Guest of the 2023 restart of Nicholas Porrothe former CEO of Enel and Eni gave himself to our microphones offering a clear point of view on the main points of debate on the subject of energy.

To our request for an opinion on the taxation of extra profits, for example, Scaroni ruled: “I’ve never liked these taxations made after the event, but objectively we have lived through a period of such difficulty… A war economy in which these things can somehow be swallowed”. On the subject of supplies, then, the Deputy Chairman of Rothschild & Co reassured the Italians: “Thanks to the good weather, the heat we’ve had up to now, we’ll get through the winter without major problems, I think. If anything, the problem will arise for next year’s winter if we struggle to replenish stocks”.

With more hostile weather conditions – observed the top manager from the IBM Studios stage – “we could have already had restrictions this winter”. As for the diversification of sources and supplies, the former CEO of Eni and Enel realistically observed that renewables will not allow us to disengage ourselves from external suppliers in the short term. “It will take some time, the more we invest the better. In Italy investments are proceeding somewhat slowly for a whole range of administrative problems but it seems to me that the government is doing everything it can to speed up this process,” he said.

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Marco Leardi, 8 February 2023

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