The prestige film is the culmination of the parts of the series … and we are in the time of loyalty

On the sidelines of the Prestige film premiere at Abu Dhabi’s Cinema City, Fuchsia had an interview with Lebanese actor Nazim Issa, known for his character “Abu Ali” in Prestige.

The artist claimed that the prestige film is the culmination of all parts of the series, as it was conveniently concluded through this cinematic work.

And regarding his “Abu Ali” personality and the public’s attachment to it, Nazim Issa confirmed that we live in a period of “infidelity” and because Abu Ali’s character was very loyal, audiences became more attached to she.

The artist expressed his sadness at the end of the prestigious series; Because he really liked the character of Abu Ali.

The artist has indicated that he does not prefer cinema to drama, but rather to consider them as some of them in characteristics, emphasizing that the difference lies in the theater.

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