The pressure on the ISS module has dropped significantly

The pressure dropped to 154 millimeters of mercury. For comparison, in the spring, when the problem with air leakage in the transition chamber was eliminated, it was at the level of 405 millimeters.

Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, claims that the pressure drop in the Zvezda module compartment has nothing to do with docking the Science module.

“The predicted and not at all” sharp “drop in pressure in the still problematic Star. And it has nothing to do with MLM,” he wrote in Twitter.

The head of Roscosmos noted that he had specially checked the reports of the main operators on the pressure in the intermediate chamber of the Zvezda module. On July 14, it was 473 mm Hg. Art., July 20 – 273 mm Hg. Art., July 25 – 200 mm Hg. Art., July 28 (on the eve of docking) – 167 mm Hg. Art., July 29 – 160 mm Hg. Art.

Roskosmos assured that the pressure would be raised to 200 mm Hg. Art. during the day.

They clarified that the work to increase the pressure is planned.

Recall that in August 2020, the first crack about 4 cm in size was discovered on the ISS.It was repaired in November with temporary means. After that, the rate of pressure drop on the ISS decreased, but did not completely disappear. Later the crew identified a few more likely locationswhere cracks can be located.

After renovation in the spring pressure drop rate decreased.


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