“The Presst of Arcisate model for the territorial medicine of the future”

From public works to a new model for Lombard territorial health. This morning, starting from the allocation of 150 thousand euros to the Municipality of Arcisate by the Lombardy Region for the construction of the new sidewalk along Via Cavour, the regional councilor Emanuele Monti, president of the Health and Social Policies Commission at Pirellone, presented the new Presst (territorial social-health unit) of Arcisate, calling it “an incubator for the territorial medicine of the future”.

“The allocation of 150 thousand euros for the Municipality of Arcisate is the demonstration of how the Lombardy Region has faced the pandemic also from an economic point of view – said Monti – by allocating funds to restart public works, which translate into pushes for the economy and work. The funds intended for the Municipality of Arcisate are also the support for a strategic vision, also in view of the realization of the Presst, a new model of territorial medicine that was already taking shape before the pandemic and that will make Arcisate a forerunner for the whole of Lombardy ».

“For the post Covid we need to look to the future with hope and already have a plan with time and resources to enhance territorial medicine without wasting time – added Monti – and this is the premise for the amendments to law 23 of 2015. With this hope, we are working for redesigning Lombard healthcare after ten years of continuous cuts by the government. The priority is to restart from the strengthening of territorial medicine in an innovative perspective, inspired by the models of northern Europe where the territorial scarcity is similar to ours. In synergy with local authorities, Asst Sette Laghi has been working for some time to create an innovative territorial clinic in Arcisate that can be a model to be expanded. This garrison will be the gateway to the health system for all citizens not only of Arcisate but of the whole Valceresio, the place of integration between hospital and territorial services. The aim is to reduce improper hospitalizations, reduce access to the emergency room and ensure maximum proximity to access to the regional health system. The pandemic has shown us that local medicine needs substantial investments and not promises. The Arcisate outpatient clinic is among our priorities and I will strive to make it happen as soon as possible ».

That the priority theme of the press conference was the new polyclinic system that is taking shape in Arcisate is demonstrated by the presence at the meeting of Ivan Mazzoleni, medical director of Asst Sette Laghi. «The idea is that of a project based on the needs expressed by the territory – said Mazzoleni – with the organization of a system of health centers and integrated services in the vicinity, bringing health care a step away from home. The objectives are to improve the experience of care for people, the continuity and appropriateness of care and the integration between the hospital system and the local area ».

The Presst will provide a reception point, listening and guidance where to turn to understand which treatment path is the most suitable on each theme of health and psycho-physical well-being. There will be specialist clinics to ease the pressure on hospitals, and there will be services and moments of integration between specialists and general practitioners. The new figure of thefamily nurse (8 are planned) that the medical director of Asst Sette Laghi defined “the legs on which this integration will walk”. The Arcisate presidium will also have an “area of ​​fragility” with teams that will take care of people and families, for an integration of the response also to social needs.

As for the timing of the entry into operation of the Presst it has in fact already begun, since, as the director Mazzoleni explained «in the current structure the Presst is not just a physical place, but a reorganization of services, with several actors to network the different experiences».

“Several activities have already started under the organization of the old district – specified Monti – As soon as possible we will inaugurate the Presst, which in Arcisate will have two offices, in via Campi Maggiore and via Matteotti“. The call for the identification of family nurses, scheduled for March, is also imminent. “By spring – concluded the president of the Health Commission – we will define the operations with general practitioners”.

The mayor was present at the press conference Gianluca Cavalluzzi, who thanked Monti for being close to the Administration in this very complicated year, the commissioner for public works Alan Breda, who illustrated the intervention along via Cavour, which will allow the safe connection between various strategic points of the town, from the Tigros car park to the Presst to the new gym and the Lagozza Park, and finally the councilor for the budget Arianna Miotti who underlined the importance of “creating synergy between different institutional levels, a premise for being able to realize projects”.

(In the photo, from left to right: Ivan Mazzoleni, Emanuele Monti, Gianluca Cavalluzzi, Alan Breda and Arianna Miotti)

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