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Presidential Secretary Dimitar Stoyanov showed on his Facebook profile part of a document stating that an arms shipment was redirecting its final destination from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Ukraine, 24 Chasa reports.

Stoyanov does not specify what the document is and shows only part of it. But he wrote: “Some have subscribed to the lie. But it is also contagious to this disease with lying after it is passed from a minister to a chief of staff, “wrote the Secretary General of the President Rumen Radev.

Comment after the post came from BSP MP Yavor Bojankov. According to him, the president’s secretary “brutally shot Radev.” “He has published several lines of text and suggests that weapons are being exported from Afghanistan to Ukraine. But he did not pay attention to the fact that the document reads “Ministry of Economy”. That is, the document is from Radev’s office. Because the ministry that Ninova heads is renamed the “Ministry of Economy and Industry,” he noted.

“If he was not malicious, he could have asked the head of SANS (appointed by the president) what deals he has. There are two representatives of SANS in the arms commission, ie two representatives of the president. They are the first to check and sign the deals “, adds Bozhankov.

Zakov has no information that Bulgaria will export weapons to Ukraine

“Today, the president said that K. Petkov tried to shoot at him, but hit Ninova. Stoyanov also tried to shoot. In their attempts to shoot, however, they hit only the ordinary Bulgarian, who is waiting for an increase in his income. They also hit the Bulgarian military industry, which respects all international conventions and treaties, but becomes a victim of political behavior, which already borders on undisguised malice “, the BSP MP is categorical.

Theodore Pavlov


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