“The President’s Risky Move: Analyzing the Loss of the Left in the 2023 Elections”

The President of the Government tries to save the furniture with a risky decision, but the game is already lost

The summer of 2023 will be remembered as the one of goodbyes. The citizens, already immersed in the vacation logic and besieged by the terrible effects of the summer heat, will say goodbye to two emblematic characters of our public life. The former, an archaeologist by profession and adventurer by vocation, will leave triumphantly on June 28 with the theatrical release of indiana jones and the dial of fate conclusion of the successful film saga started by Steven Spielberg in 1981. For his part, the second, protagonist of feats no less spectacular than those experienced by the another self of Harrison Ford, his turn will come a little less than a month later, in the electoral appointment of July 23, when in all probability the right reissues at the national level the victory harvested in the regional and municipal elections last Sunday.

In a way, the decision to advance the general elections to recover the political initiative after the socialist debacle is signed by Pedro Sánchez, but it could well be one of the risky moves of Indiana Jones in the the cursed temple (1984). Like the mythical film hero, the current secretary general of the PSOE is used to getting into impossible messes from which he usually emerges unscathed, showing off a strategic vision that Feijóo’s PP has not even come to caress (let alone that of the ousted Casado). After all, as Oscar Wilde rightly said, “The only advantage of playing with fire is that you learn not to get burned”. However, after so much rising from his ashes like the Phoenix bird, Sánchez seems to have forgotten that he is still a man of flesh and blood and, as such, can still burn.

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In this sense, the fatal evidence that 28M gave birth to, the iceberg that has definitively broken the helmet of the left, has not been neither the accumulated wear and tear after almost four years of coalition government nor a greater alignment of the PP and Vox with the needs social of citizens. The great failure, the determining factor that has tipped the balance of the right side after a campaign marked by the insulting electoral lists of EH Bildu and the outbursts of Ayuso and company as transmission belts of the ideas of Jiménez Losantos, has been the absence of a clear idea of ​​Spain in the ideological spectrum of the left. While the right has been capable of raising a discourse that is intellectually lazy, but electorally effective thanks to its transversal and inclusive nature (the intolerant can see themselves reflected in Abascal, the punks liberalotes in Ayuso and the discontented socialists in Feijóo), the left has not even bothered to try to build its own, finding itself pushed with uncomfortable constancy to give in to the inadmissible delusions of their pro-independence allies in Congress (see the case of the suppression of the crime of sedition or the embezzlement reform).

Consequently, it can be deduced from all this that the “new state leadership” that ex-Vice President Pablo Iglesias advocated and advocates with exasperating insistence, now converted into an omnipresent commentator, incorporating ERC and EH Bildu into a delusional “plurinational” vision of our country that intends to break the constitutional system of 1978, not only responds to an irrational and identity perception of the territorial complexity of Spain, but is also a minority and electorally suicidal. It is enough for the PSOE, as a good wise man willing to rectify, to take note of this to reformulate its strategy and adapt its ideas to the times to come, returning to being the great social democratic party that Spain deserves and needs. Of course, all this will only happen when Pedro Sánchez has already completed his last crusade. Do not forget that, to paraphrase Sean Connery in the closing of the original Indiana Jones trilogy, “only the penitent will pass.”

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