The President’s Health Advisor advises parents that a child with influenza should not go to school

Dr. Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, said that the state has, for weeks, put in place a precautionary plan to protect students and their families from the Corona virus, and precautions included several aspects, adding during an intervention via Skype on the “Today” program broadcast on the channelDMC There are campaigns in schools and universities for sterilization, and the number of days has been reduced to be reciprocal between students in addition to distance education, in addition to social distancing and following the same methods between workers and teachers and using part of e-learning.

And the President’s Health Adviser continued: “Children can very well get corona, and the percentage of children who feel very few symptoms, and whoever does not feel these symptoms may transmit the infection, and if a child has symptoms of normal flu, I ask parents not to make him go to school because they may be pregnant.” For the virus, this is a very important preventive part and the student must remain at home until the symptoms are cured.

He emphasized that the symptoms of seasonal influenza and Corona are similar, and therefore we say that if a student has a seasonal flu, he should not go to school..

The President’s Health Adviser continued, saying: “There are a very large number of experiments in the world in different stages, including clinical trials being conducted on humans in different places, and currently in the picture there are 9 vaccines, and there are experiments of them being conducted in Egypt.

He pointed out that there will be a vaccine available this year, and the situation in Egypt is reassuring, and the second increase in the number of infections in countries is the second wave, adding: “We in Egypt are still in the first wave, and we ask God that we do not see the second wave, and that we continue not to be complacent. In hygiene methods, wearing masks, and taking precautionary measures from those coming from abroad. “

And he continued: “The main drug that US President Donald Trump used is Redmisivir, and this is what was announced by the medical team treating Trump, and it is there with us in Egypt and we use it, and there are factories in Egypt that manufacture it, and the drugs that Trump uses are in the Egyptian protocol and there is no confirmed drug for this virus.”


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