The Presidential Office announced the timing of the first deliveries of weapons from the United States under Lend-Lease


Loading of American howitzers M777 for Ukraine

American military equipment is delivered to Ukraine by large transport ships, which takes time, Arestovich said.

Information about the arrival of the first batch of American weapons under Lend-Lease will appear in two to three weeks. Such data were announced by Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office, on the air. Feigin Live on Tuesday, June 7th.

According to him, military equipment from the United States to Ukraine is delivered by large transport ships.

“You have to understand that they take a long time to load in America, two weeks, then sail across the Atlantic for 10-12 days, then sail to Europe, then unload. You must understand that it takes time, at least a month,” Arestovich explained.

Recall that on May 9, the President of the United States Joe Biden signs Lend-Lease law for Ukraine. The Ukrainian side will be able to rent military equipment and weapons, and pay for them after the victory over Russia, or simply give back the surviving equipment.

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