The President of Ukraine delivered a strong message at the Grammy ceremony: “Fill the silence with music!”

The video message was played before John Lennon’s premiere of “Free.” The artist was joined on stage by Ukrainian singers Mika Newton and Suzanna Iglidana, and the poem was read by Luba Yakimchuk, who had recently fled the war-torn homeland. J. Lennon was accompanied by a gospel choir, but scenes of war could be watched on the screen.

Zelensky concluded with a wish that his compatriots would soon be able to be free as people on the Grammy stage.

We remind you that on the morning of February 24, the Russian army invaded the territory of independent Ukraine for no reason. Ukraine’s armed forces and population are fiercely opposed to the occupiers. The countries of the European Union, Great Britain, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, as well as expressed support for Ukraine in providing all kinds of assistance. News Ukraine follows here.

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